a canadian girl med ett svenskt hjärta.

Hey everyone! You can call me reich, and I'm just a Canadian girl wastin' my life on tumblr. My biggest fandom is definitely Hetalia, and my OTP is PruAus! If you also ship them, we should be friends! I adore Pokemon, Rupaul's Drag Race, Adventure Time, and the country of Sweden. Feel free to send me an ask whenever you feel like it, I love to talk to people! :) ------------------------------------------ ships i sail;;; (main; pruaus, gumlee, hijack, thundershield) --- (more; gerbel, swepru, dennor, nedcan, amecan, puppyshipping) -------------------------- 3DS friend code;;; 0001-4220-6732 -----------------------safari = fire;;; larvesta, braxien, pansear
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